Monday, 14 October 2019

Zombtober 2019: Week 2

Nine more zombies finished for Zombtober this week (including the one that fell off its base last week) bringing the total to seventeen so far. These have been painted for my Last Days in Paradise campaign, a zombie apocalypse based on a Caribbean island. As such, I have reid to paint these zeds as if they were afro-caribbean. I have tried a variety of different painting techniques to get different skin tones.  

The one think I love about Zombtober is seeing how so many other bloggers are progressing with their zombies and survivors. There are a lot of Walking Dead survivors being painted this year, which is great, as they are lovely models. When Pulp Citizen, Simon Q and I came up with the idea many years ago I did not think that it would still be going strong and inspiring people to paint zombies in 2019! Well done everyone, especially Simon for getting us all organised. 

Saturday, 12 October 2019

VBCW Big Game (Herefordshire)

A few pictures from today's Big Game in Herefordshire (not so big as there was only five of us there). 
The Communist and the royalist/fascist were both trying to 'tax' the same area of Herefordshire to replace losses incurred in recent battles. The local farmers had other ideas.
The game started surprisingly peaceful, with both the communist and the government forces not wanting to antagonise the well armed farmers, preferring instead to do battle using proxies in the from of unallied forces (the police, the AA, some well armed rugby players) to influence the farmers.

Things took a sharp detore when two platoons of german paratroopers (umpire controlled) dropped onto the battlefield with orders to eliminate the communist leader, Colonel- Commissar Professor Winters.
Some of the farmers, lead by Farmer Giles, unimpressed with foreign Johnnies dropping into their farms unannounced and uninvited, switched sides and started shooting at the Germans and their fascist allies.
The Communists and Farmer Giles managed to hold off the combined forces of the Government, the Fascists, the Germans and a treacherous, greedy farmer who sided with them. When it became clear that Farmer Giles' farm house was undefendable, the Communist fell back to a solid defensive position behind the farm. 
Reluctantly Colonel-Commissar Professor Winters gave the order for an orderly withdrawal. The Communist had acquired a fair amount of bootie (I mean voluntary contributions to the workers cause), and even rescued forces sweetheart Vera Lynn from the clutches of the Fascist regime. All this and they has only suffered a single casualty, killed by a bouncing exploding rugby ball. 
Not a bad result really. 
Farmer Giles and his family sadly lost their farm house, but Professor Winters gamely arranged to send them all to one of the CPGB's many luxurious re-education facilities. 
A van belonging to the CPGB Voluntary Contributions Unit- charged with redistributing wealth. 

Some unallied rugger buggers

The AA with their new tank. (Another unallied faction)

A firefight breaks out between the Royal Main the AA as both sides start using the unallied factions as proxies in the battle. 

Sergeant Thomson of the Voluntary Contributions Unit of the CPGB stops a passing vehicle and inspects it for contraband. After a small voluntary contribution to the communist cause most of the vehicles were allowed to continue on their way. 

Meanwhile some of the Communist round up wildstock to take. All in the name of the workers of Great Britain, of course. 

The BBC film plucky Communists assaulting the AA tank with nothing more than a crowbar and a Molotov cocktail. 

I wonder if the roadside assistance will be able to fix that!
Boy scouts set up a roadblock and search a cadbury's can. Unfortunately for them it was empty!

One of the farmers had a Flame tank. It looked impressive but it was crudely built. 

Colonel-Commissar Professor Winters and his command section. 

A solid defensive line blocked the fascist advance and allowed the Communist to retreat in good order with their bootie. 

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Last Days in Paradise: Survivors

 I thought I would paint a few zombie apocalypse survivors (I actually painted the last week so they don't count as Zombtober, but I only got round to basing them this week).  These guys don't really fit into either of my two existing groups of survivors (the Outlaw MC and the Jamaicans) so they might form a third group (possible with a selfless leader) or might join one of the other groups if they need to recruit new members. 

First up is Carlos, who was a surf instructor before the apocalypse. A 'Survivor', with Athletic and Shooting skills, wielding a pump-action shotgun and a revolver. 

Samson was a movie stuntman before the apocalypse. He lived in a beautiful beach house on the island. Since the apocalypse he has found that his athleticism and martial arts training have been skills very much in demand. Samson is a 'Tough Guy' with Athletics and CQC skills. he is armed with a surplus SMG, a revolver and a knife. 

Brad was a college frat boy on vacation when the apocalypse trapped him on the island. He is smart and resourceful, but was also a bit of a jock back before the apocalypse. He is a 'Survivor' with Academic and Athletic skills. He carries a Surplus Assault Rifle and a knife. 

Patch is an escaped convict, who used the chaos and confusion of the earliest days of the apocalypse to escape from prison. I am sure he could have easily found new clothes but for some reason he prefers to keep on his orange prison uniform. Maybe he just thinks it is intimidating. 
He is a 'Goon' with CQC and Athletic skill. He is using a pump action shotgun and semi-automatic he stole from a prison guard. he also carries his trusty shiv. 

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Zombtober 2019: Week One

Work has commenced on my horde of Caribbean zombies for the Last Days in Paradise. This is part of Zombtober 2019, the annual zombie-blog-fest where wargaming bloggers all over the world bring out their dead and paint their zombies and zombie survivors, aiming to complete at least one a week during October. 

I have painted eight so far (well I painted nine but I dropped one and it came off its base). I plan to have thirty done by the end of Zombtober. In the past I have painted my zeds a classic sickly green colour, but this year I thought I would go more 'flesh' coloured. This is mostly because I want at least half of my zeds to be afro-caribbean, so I wanted the caucasian zed's to contrast better. This is my first go at both skin colours.

Following a bit of research on the internet (watching Walking dead and the Thriller video) I decided that afro-caribbean zombies tend to turn a bit grey-brown after death/reanimation. 

Monday, 23 September 2019

Zomtober 2019: Preparing the Horde!

Bing it on Zombtober!

Yesterday I sat at my desk and watched a couple of episodes of The Walking Dead while assembling 30 walkers for my Last Days in Paradise Zombie Apocalypse campaign. I used the Mantic zombies again, as they are my favorite plastic zombie minis. I like the dynamic way they are posed (and the low cost). 

This time I am going to try to paint some of them so they look like Afro-Caribbean people turned into zombies. Weirdly there are not that many photos on line of 'zombies of colour'. I am not sure why that would be. 

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Last Days in Paradise: more buildings

I have completed a couple more buildings for my Last Days: A Zombie Apocalypse board, based somewhere in the Caribbean. First up is a Jerk Shack (that's a take away restaurant selling jerk-spiced chicken, by the way). This was based on a Sarissa Precision building from their Ghost town range. It was already quite beaten up, so I just added lost of weathering and broken windows. 

 Next up was a Gas Station, also from Sarissa Precision. This has a retro-americana feel to it which I felt would not look out of place on a rural caribbean island.  Again I just added broken windows and then a lot of heavy weathering and weeds etc. 

Friday, 13 September 2019

Last Days In Paradise : The Jamaican Posse

This is my Jamaican gang for my Last Days in Paradise campaign- A zombie apocalypse based on a fictitious Caribbean island. These guys are bad boy gangsta types from the rough neighbourhoods of Kingston, Jamaica.
Even before the apocalypse these guys were bad news. Lawless and violent, with ready access to military grade weapons, they were well set to survive the zombie outbreak and subsequent breakdown of order on Jamaica.
The Kingston Enclave, as the fortified camp in the heart of the city became known, lasted for eight months. The gangsters fought alongside the police and military for hold back the ever growing hordes of zombies. When the Enclave finally fell to the zombie hordes the gang fought their way out of the city to an airfield where they managed to get off Jamaica in a small tourist charter plane.
The plane had just enough fuel to get them to the Island. They had heard the rumours that it was free from infection, but as soon as they landed they discovered that the zombie outbreak ha spread here too. Nevertheless, the situation wasn't as dire as it had been on Jamaica, and so the gang decided to settle down and dig in.
The Jamaican gang are dangerous foes. They carry plenty of hardware, much of it military, and back it up with an abundance of muscle and a ruthless determination to survive. They have no love of the American Outlaw MC biker gang, an animosity that has not decreased since the apocalypse.

Devon- Merciless Thug- (Selfish) 
Military Assault Rifle and Club

Junior- Tough Guy (Neutral)
Squad Automatic Weapon, Semi-automatic Pistol and Knife

Lloyd- Goon (Selfish)
Surplus Assault Rifle and  Machete 

Winston- Gang Member (Selfish)
Military SMG and Knife

Tianna- Survivor (Neutral)
High-powered Rifle and Knife, Medical Supplies

Winston, Junior, Tianna, Lloyd and Devon. 

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Last Days in Paradise: Biker Chicks!

I have added a couple of biker chicks to the Outlaw MC gang for Last Days: A Zombie Apocalypse. These girls count as 'survivors' and are a little lighter armed than the male bikers. Candice (in the red bikini top and combats) is armed with a semi-automatic pistol. Candice used to be a swimsuit model and a gym-bunny. 
Sugar (short for Sugar-Plum, believe it or not!) used to be a barmaid in the MC. She might not be as tough as the rest of the MC, but she knows a bit of first aid, and she is easy on the eye, so her brothers in the MC look after her. She is armed with a surplus SMG. 

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Last Days in Paradise: Rural Hut

Work continues on the scenery and figures for my Caribbean based Last Days: A Zombie Apocalypse setting. This is a jungle hut from Sarrissa Pression that I found in the loft. Originally I painted it for use with my Burma armies, but it suffered some damage in storage and needed a new roof, and some love. 

I built a new roof with card and corrugated craft card, added broken windows and a door, then repainted the whole thing in a brighter caribbean colour scheme. I added jungle plants to the base from my 'big box of stuff'. 

I imagine this is a rural shack belonging to a farmer or a hunter that you might come across in the islands 'jungle', or along a little used dirt track. It's anyone's guess what happened to the original inhabitants, but that blood stain on the floor might give some clue as to their fate. 

Friday, 23 August 2019

Superhero Kickstarter: Supers Unlimited Miniatures

My old mate and long time gaming buddy Leon (AKA Pulp Citizen) has launched his own Kickstarter, in the guise of Kitbash Games, to hopefully produce his own range of 28mm four colour superheroes and villains. 

Leon is a lifelong comic book fan with an encyclopedic knowledge of supers-goings-on, and as well as a games developer. He was instrumental in running Pulp City's two VERY successful Kickstarter, so you can be assured the Kitbash Kickstarter will be professionally managed, and that the figures will be first class superhero goodness. 

Leon has pulled together a team of some of the best sculptures in the business and produced some fantastic original sculpts. I have been lucky enough to see some of the greens and CAD renders, and I can promise you they are lovely!

If you like comics, and like gaming, then you must check out the Supers Unlimited Kickstarter. Too good to miss. If you play Pulp City then you are in luck, as the Supers Unlimited figures come with Pulp City character cards so you can use the in you games too! Brilliant!