Sunday, 18 January 2009

This is very much an aside form the theme of the blog, that is to say "Four Colour Super Heroes" But I thought I would take an opportunity to showcase some other figures I have been working on recently. Inspired by the Dark Horse Conan graphic novels, of which I am a huge fan, I began painting some suitable minis, with a view to starting a Conan RPG with my mates. It also made me up my game a lot when it comes to painting skin tones as many of them are semi-clad at best. I am also experimenting with None-Metallic-Metallics too, with mixed success. I hope you like them, and don't mind indulging me. I promise there are some more super heroes (well, super villainess's)coming very very soon, so keep checking.

The Nubian girl, the Semi-clad blond barbarian male, the girl with the shield and the "Strumpet" in the brown skirt are all Hasslefree figures.
The big barbarian with the cloak and armour is made by heresy.
finally, the dark haired girl in white is from Spyglass mini's. Spyglass is sadly a victim of the credit crunch, and is no longer making mini's, but you might be ables to still get hold of one if you try at

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