Friday, 20 February 2009

These two little aliens are the crew of the battered space freighter Turtle.
Boogle (seen here on the left) is a Kermian, from the swamp world of Kerma III. He is the ships navigation officer. He is reliable and hard working. Griff is a Grozzy, a race of space faring gremlins that have infested the engine rooms of the Turtle. Griff has been trained by the ships chief engineer, Megan, to help out with odd jobs, carrying tools etc.

Boogle is a Hassle Free miniature (I know I posted pictures of him earlier, but back then I didn't really know what he was, hence him being pictured again.) Griff is a Games workshop plastic Gnoblar from the Ogre Kingdoms range).

This is American Eagle, was one of the most esteemed super hero in the USA. His career has spanned two decades, and he has been a high profile face for the super hero community for some time. His reputation has been marred of late because he was portrayed by the liberal media as being too closely assorted with the out going Republican administration. He is working hard to rehabilitate his reputation.

This lovely miniature is from Lance and Laser, by Sandra Garrity. Yet again I'm indebted to my friend Leon for giving me this one.

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