Friday 15 January 2010

My cowboys continue to make steady progress, and soon I will have at least two finished posses to duke it out at high noon, but progress on their one horse town is slower. That said, I have made some progress, ad to prove it, here are a couple of pics of the work so far.

This is a WIP picture of one of my cowboy town houses. These houses are part resin ans part scratch built. The resin parts are from Snapdragon studios. They are prices at £5 each, which I thought was a bit expensive for a single piece resin, but the quality is good, and I wanted to press on, and so I bought five of them. Snapdragon also make the backs of the buildings, available separately, but these are also expensive, I and I didn't think the looked very big, and so I scratch built mine out of foam card, balsa and card. I am delighted with them, but am dreading having to paint them (I'm no good at painting buildings)

This model is a plastic kit available through Perry Miniatures. I think it's supposed to go with their American Civil War range, but I don't think it will look out of place in a wild west setting, or even, for that matter, any rural American setting. It would do for a 1920's Call of Chuthlu setting (especially if it was more dilapidated), or even superhero settings. The abode of Mr and Mrs Kent, Smallville? Very versatile.

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pulpcitizen said...

The hybrid resin/scratch-build is looking good; I look fowards to seeing it and others on the blog and up close.