Friday, 23 July 2010

Poison Thorn is believed to be a mutant Supervillainess who has the ability to telekinetic control plants, causing them to become animated, as if possessing a malign intelligence of their own. Some claim she is an Eco-warrior, fighting multinational corporations in an effort to protect the environment, but others claim she is a terrorist, or even a thief out to line her own pockets.

This figure is part of the Mutants and Madmen range. I picked it up at Salute, and have to say that I was rather underwhelmed by it. The mini is very generic, which is a good thing, as it lets me paint it as any sort of super I like, but the pose is so bland, and the figure lacks any dynamic movement; even the face is blank and expressionless. I had to work quite hard to get some sense of character into the model. By the way, the over the to tarty make up is deliberate, as I was trying to evoke the image of Uma Thurman from that dreadful batman movie (with, I would have to admit, very little success- it would take a better painter than me to make this mini look like Uma).
All that aside, at least this is another four colour super mini, for all you fans of this blogs Core content. Hopefully that should stop Leon moaning for a bit longer. I have a few more supers in the pipelines, so keep checking.


pulpcitizen said...

'Moaning'? I am wounded, sire. Wounded.

Rob Bresnen said...

Well I am still stung by the slight when you refered to my blog as only 'nominally' about superheroes.
I surgest, that as this is now a matter of honour, we settle this like gentlemen. Pistols at dawn...or better yet, six-shooters at high noon!
What do you say partner- Draw!

pulpcitizen said...

Six-shooters at noon? How about six-siders at the first available opportunity?!?