Friday 27 August 2010

Another Building

Here's another shack, which I have just finished. Obviously it can be used for 1938: Very British Civil War, or Legends of the Old West. At a push it could also work f0r Warhammer, 40k or Conan. I like versatile pieces of scenery.
This models was made by Warbases. I picked it up at Salute 2010. It is laser cut from thin MDF board, complete with the knots and planking effect. It assembles very easily, a bit like a very simple 3D jigsaw. I had to make the tiled roof, but that was easy enough, taking about 20 minutes and a side of a cornflake box- no big hassle there. I suppose I could have made a bit of an effort covering up the joints where the walls meet, but I decided not to bother. The best bit about this particular model is the cost- just £6. Buildings are a fairly new development for Warbases, who, as their name would suggest, usually make precut bases for wargaming, but I really like them. They do some nice Victorian terrace houses I think I might invest in for my VBCW board at some point in the future.

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