Sunday, 19 September 2010

Grand Opening of Deadhorse Bank

Here's a bit more scenery for Deadhorse, my fictional western town for my Legends of the Old West campaign. Leon and I are going to get stuck in to a few more games in a couple of weeks, and so I have been furiously painting to try to move things along a little, as far as scenery goes. I think I will soon have enough pieces to represent Deadhorse high street.

This is, obviously, Deadhorse Bank. It's a larger, two story structure. Note the little shack on the back. That is where the bank clerk is supposed to sleep, so that the bank's safe is never left unattended. This precaution is supposed to reassure the good citizens of Deadhose that their money is safe in the bank. Unfortunately the bank has been robbed so any times the manager, Mister Reynolds, is having problems recruiting a clerk willing to sleep over in the shack.

This model is the resin frontage of the sadly now defunct Snapdragon Studios western building. the rest is scratch built with card, foam card and balsa wood.

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pulpcitizen said...

Looking forwards to some Deadhorse gaming in a week or so!