Thursday, 16 June 2011

Scum and Villany (Part 3): Trench

Life in the darker pats of the universe are often brutal and short. A man like Trench can make good money hiring themselves out as bodyguards, bounty hunters, or just hired killers. When times are hard, Trench is not above resorting to piracy too.
Trench never leaves his squalid little den without being armed to the teeth, and his favored weapon is an over sized Vallian Shotgun, capable of stopping the most determined attacker. Trench particularly likes the variable power setting, which means that it is still effective, even on high gravity worlds, unlike most conventional solid slug weapons.

Trench is an old Necomunda ganger I had floating about in the garage. His gun is ludicrously big, but I think it's kind of fun, and will make him useful for AE bounty too. I am quite pleased with the way he turned out.


pulpcitizen said...

Very nice as always. :)

Smillie said...

Nice work, I like the blue highlights.