Friday 15 July 2011

Old Hero- New Street

Veteran superhero Thermal has recently been seen back on the streets after a four year hiatus. Many believed the hero had retired, or perhaps been killed in the cause of his duty, but last month he was seen battling with the supervillain known as Dr Apocalypse. Since then the hero has been seen many times, lighting up the night sky as he streaks across, like a blazing comet, seeking out criminals and villains to bring to justice.
So far Thermal has remained tight lipped as to where he has been, or why he should suddenly have returned.

This is an old Superfigs miniature I painted years ago, but it is one of my favorites, so I singled it out for some special attention. Unusually, I opted to undercoat this figure in white, as I nearly always use Chaos Black. This makes the colours almost glow, which is exactly the effect I was after.
I had wanted to rebase this miniature for ages, but have been reluctant to, because I thought it would be difficult because I would have to carefully pin it through one foot, but then me old mate Leon (Pulp Citizen) told me about this technique where you trim down the intergral base to make a peg, instead of cutting it off, then drill a hole in the resin base and glue it in place. I tried it and it worked a treat!

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MIK said...

That's a great tip on how to stick the fig on a new base. Your paint scheme here looks great, very nicely done.

Here's mine from some time back, had I seen yours first I might've tried things differently: