Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Crossover Miniatures

A new start up model company has very recently come to my attention producing four colour superheroes and villains, in 28mm scale. This company is called Crossover Miniatures. As far as I know they are based in the USA. Here's some of their greens from their range. They plan to make 8 models, with interchangeable heads, plus a pack of four thugs and henchmen.

The sculpting standard so far looks very high, and the whole thing looks quite exciting. The thing is with this company, they want people to pledge money, presumably to contribute towards the start up cost, and in return you will receive some miniatures.

I have come across this start up pledge thing before, but have never participated. It seems like a good idea to me. The chaps running this one have just 13 days left to raise their target of $4000, and so the pressure is on!

Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, not least my wife loosing her job, I am not in a position to join in with this offer, although I would be tempted if I had a few spare $$$. I really want this project to succeed and get of the ground, and so all I can do is blog about it and hope that some one else who read this blog might be in a better situation than I and can help with the pledge.

Why not check out Crossover Miniatures at their website here.

Disclaimer- I have no connection with Crossover Miniatures whatsoever. I am just an interested gamer spreading the word about an existing new project. Any questions, comments or queries should be directed to Crossover Miniatures.

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