Monday 26 March 2012

Two more KKBB Spies.

Lord Montgomery Highborne is one of the worlds most deadly assassin- and is correspondingly expensive. He is a cold-blooded hunter who has progressed from hunting endangered species to that most rarefied of foes, Man. His preferred weapon is a custom-made platinum pistol. Those who can afford his exorbitant fees sleep safe in the knowledge that their foes are as good as dead.

Mr Mathew Brown is not what he seems- he looks like a mild-mannered British businessman, perhaps commuting to his office. In truth, he is one of the KGB's deep cover agent, playing cat and mouse with MI6.

Two more Kiss Kiss Bang Bang figures for the collation. I pained these for the Lead Painters League and they were a pleasure. I have some more to follow shortly.


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I like the KKBB figs, too. Nice paintjob.