Sunday 28 October 2012

Zomtober 4: The Final Wave!

As Zomtober draws towards the end I have finished my final zeds for this month. These two (or should that be one and a half) bring the total to ten, increasing my zombie outbreak from a pack to a full-blown horde of twenty-six!

I look forward to seeing what the other Zomtobernaughts (I just made that word up) will finish before the end of the month- but that’s it for me. I am off on holiday for a few days so I doubt I will get a chance to paint any more zeds before Zomtober is over. Still, there is always next year.

My first zombie is a tramp (hobo) from Studio Miniatures. He seems to have come badly in a fight, having most of his face chewed off. This is my favourite zombie form this pack. I think he is very character.

This is my final Zomtober zombie, and she is in a bad way. This crawler-zombie has been literally torn in two, either by another zombie, a heavy weapon, or perhaps a truck has even hit her. Mind you, it hasn't stopped her relentless pursuit of living flesh (although it has slowed her down somewhat. This miniature is one of the plastic ones from Wargames Factory. I added some more guts with green stiff and super glue.

Thanks you for following my Zomtober exploits. I hope you have enjoyed. 


pulpcitizen said...

More great stuff mate! I think Zomtober qualifies as a success. :)

Michael Awdry said...

Well done that man, fantastic work on your Zomtober efforts. Love the tramp particularly.

Simon Quinton said...

Great work mate. Love the bobble hat awesome!

Adam said...

You have done very well. Really like the half zed.