Sunday, 7 July 2013

Freebooter: Deck Hand

For my Birthday this year my old mucka Pulp Citizen bought me a stater pack of Freebooters Fate figure- namely some pistol wielding piratical scurvy dogs. In order for Mr Pulp Citizen and me to actually get round to painting these figure up in a reasonable time frame he called for yet another themed painting month- and so July is Freebooters Month. 
We have both promised that we will churn out one Freebooter figure per week, which will mean by the end of July we will both have a painted starter faction for the game, so then we can get some action in.

Here is my first entry- a scurvy, rum soaked deck hand soiling for a fight. I don't like this photo, but I was very busy and I only had a few minutes to set up the shot- you will have to forgive me. 


Jay said...

I like him. He looks ornery!

pulpcitizen said...

Nicely done and love the stripes. :)

Michael Awdry said...

What a cracking looking miniature - bravo Sir.

Simon Quinton said...

Nice job they are such lovely miniatures! Perfect theme considering the wonderful weather at the moment :D