Sunday, 18 August 2013

Four Colour: Ape Assassin!

No one really knows the origins of the mutant ape-men. Many speculate that they are the result of some bizarre experiment by some wicked villain or evil scientists: An attempt, perhaps, to recreate the exact conditions that caused the ARC primates to become super-powered supremes. 
What is known is that the primate freedom fighters know as ARC liberated them from a laboratory, and since then they have been working with ARC as henchmen. 
 While most ape-men are content to work as thugs or hired guns, a few have the personality and dedication to study under ARC ninja-master Chimp Chi, and to learn the exotic martial arts known as Ape-Ki. Those who can master the art as fast, deadly and utterly devoted to the ARC cause. 

 Here is another henchman for my Pulp City ARC gang. What could be more four-colour than ape-men, and ninjas? This little conversion is simply a head swap- body and arms are from a Pulp City ninja, and the head is from Crooked dice. Crooked dice sell these head on a separate sprue, which is great. 


styx said...

Very nice model, in a twisted way looks like an ape from the planet of the apes doing riverdance!

Pulp Citizen said...

Ape ninja! Ace. Can't wait to see more of these. :)

ARC for Hallowe'en Madness 2013? :)

Simon Q said...

Superb love it! Nice conversion work I actually though this was a genuine release at first until I recognised the head :D

Michael Awdry said...

Oh superb! Lovely job and wonderfully original.