Saturday, 5 October 2013

Zomtober 2013: Week One

Regular readers of my Blog might recall that last year Pulp Citizen and I decided to declare October to be 'Zomtober'; our intent 3was to paint a zombie a week for the duration of the month. We invited others to join us in this enterprise, and were duly joined by Simon Q (Brummie) and Adam(Havensburg). I managed to get 10 zombies finished, which felt like quite an achievement. 

This year, things are on on a larger scale. Pulp Citizen and Brummie have been busy drumming up support and we now have 26 (at last count) bloggers and hobbyist signed up for the cause. -I think that many fresh zombies counts as a level three contagion outbreak! I hope the authorities are ready. 

Pulp Citizen has been keeping track of all the bloggers and gamers joining in on his blog (The Eclectic Gentleman Tabletop Gamer)

A good number of the Zombtober bloggers are doing Victorian zombies, as these seem to be all the rage these days, but I will be sticking with modern. I did contemplate adding to my 'It Snows in Hell' Finland Zompocalypse, but in the end decided to stick with a more traditional modern setting- not least because I wanted to try out Wargames Factory's zombie survivor box. 

So with Zombtober being a much grander affair this year, I decide to push the boat out and be much more ambitious. My 13 year old son Charlie is very keen to paint some zombies, and is a very speedy painter- while I am no slouch either. We are going to combine our efforts this year, and aim to paint no less that 30 fresh zombies and 12 survivors!

Week One got of to a strong start, with four survivors and a zombie (a paint test subject I used to teach Charlie how to paint zeds).

Hank: A middle-aged construction worker. Divorced, bad-tempered, and with a drink problem. The fact that he is antisocial and dislikes people has kept him alive this long. 
(painted by Charlie)

Mich: A strange character with an even stranger dress-sense. The other survivors are not sure what to make of him, as he seems to inhabit a fantasy world of his own creation. No one knows if  he was mentally unstable before the zombie apocalypse or as a result of it. What no one questions is his skill with his matched pistols!
(painted by Charlie)

The Preacher: Driven by a holy zeal, he will stop at nothing to protect 'his flock'. Watching him bring down the wrath of The Lord down on a zombie is an awesome sight. 
(painted by me)

Giovanni: He claims to be a restaurateur,  but his familiarity with a wide range of weaponry have lead many of the other survivors to question this fact. He does make a very good lasagna.
(painted by me)

Our first test subject; this one was painted by me, but the rest will be a joint effort. Charlie is all fired up to paint his own. 


Simon Quinton said...

Nicely done you have been busy already!

Clint said...

Yes you have been busy. I have yet to dabble with the WF survivors. I can see that they have some uses, so maybe in the future.

Michael Awdry said...

That is a cracking start, well done to you both! I love the lasagne making, machine gun toting banker!

pulpcitizen said...

Crikey; you have equaled/beaten my own target for the month in a single week. The Bresnen boys are painting machines. Well done to Charlie. :)

Kieron said...

Great start, I love the colours on your zombie. A horde of them will be excellent.

I'm also a fan of how you have grass clumps on your urban basing. I might steal that idea...

Fred Jackson said...

Nice work. Let's see some more zombies.

Gnotta' said...

I really need to buy the survivors from WF... Excellent work.. :)