Sunday, 6 April 2014

Peninsular War: Redcoats

Kicking off my Sharp Practice Peninsular War collection are the Warwickshire Regiment of redcoats. Smart fellows in smart uniforms, ready to do their bit for king and country. 

I have painted 16 troopers, and a command stand, but having read Sharps Practice have realised that 20 troopers is better, because I can split it into two groups of 10, so at some point (after Lead Painters League) I will add another 'stand' of four troopers. 

They are from Victrix, and the flag is from GMB designs. The bases are from Warbases. 

In Sharp Practice the Big Men (officers, NCO's etc) are described in narrative terms, rather than having a stat line that is just a series of abstract numbers. Here are my first two 'Big Men'  from the Warwickshire Regiment. The important characteristics are in italics.

Capitan George Queensbury

Captain George Queensbury of the 24th Warwickshire Regiment is ranked as a 'Jolly Good Chap'. He is a giant of a man, trained as an athlete and a boxer, and is a fair hand with his sword. He is no looker, having had his nose badly broken in a fight. He is a strict disciplinarian, and is universally detested by his men. His family made their fortune as slaver traders in the 18th century , and George will box the ears of any man who calls his a 'Nabob'. George detests horses, is only an occasional rider, avoiding riding whenever he can.  
Despite being strict with his men he is a very chivalrous gentleman, and his word is binding. 

Company Sargent Ezekiel Grubber

Company Sargent Ezekiel Grubber runs the entire company for Captain Quennsbury. He is a fine fellah, and a strapping fellow, but with a face like a pigs backside. He can ride well enough, being an occasional horseman, but he is a slasher with his sword. Being something of a bounder, he is  universally detested by his men. Consumed by avarice and greed, he often steels from his men, and his known as a lush, and a mean drunk to boot. 


Simon Quinton said...

Great looking regiment Rob. Love the backgrounds to your big men as well. They sound like a pair of scoundrels

pulpcitizen said...

They look excellent mate. Great work. :)

Furt said...

Great work. Love Sharp Practice - I think you will too.