Sunday 1 June 2014

Russian Civil War Battle Report

This weekend I journeyed to Herefordshire to join in with a Russian Civil War battle hosted by Giles. It was the same gamers who play the  VBCW Big Games, and we were trying out the modifications for Mort's own rules 'Went the Day Well?'- imaginatively entitled 'Went the Revolution Well'.

I haven't got any RCW figures, so Giles leant me a Kuban Cossack army. I was fighting against the Turks and their treacherous Cossack allies. The Russians had an armoured train due to arrive at any moment and the Turks and their allies were trying to knock it out or destroy the track in order to stop it. Basically my side had to stop them. 

In the battle I was lined up on the flank facing the treacherous Cossack army- they had an armoured car and a field gun- both of which I lacked. I concluded that the best plan was to race towards the enemy as quickly as possible and engage in melee- if I could beat his cavalry my infantry would be able to close and finish him off before he could attack the train. 

The plan might have worked too, except a badly aimed shot from the field gun landed in the mist of the swirling melee, and by shear chance killed more a lot more of my cavalry than the enemy, effectively turning the tide. My cavalry fought on bravely, but it looked grim for them....then the train arrived!

It turns out the armoured train was the one thing on the table that didn't need protecting- given that it was heavily armoured and bristling with cannons and machine guns!

We had been successful in keeping the Turks and their allies away from the railway, and they had been forced to keep their field guns back to protect them, but now they were too far away to use their AT their was little they could do as the armoured brute thundered past, guns blazing, leaving both sides in a cloud of dust and smoke.

Mission accomplished...just about

Some Treacherous Cossacks!

My good brave Loyal Cossacks charging towards the enemy

Turkish Infantry

As both Cossack forces close, they prepare to charge

My Flag Bearer signals the Charge

The Cossacks clash in a swirl of melee
Russian Filed guns pound the Turks (well try to)

The train arrives. 

Elsewhere their was another battle raging as the Red Russians tried to dislodge a French force from a village. Ultimately their were successful,as the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys and their heroic Senegalese troops decided enough was enough.  

The French employed their technological superiority- A spotter plain and a radio!

Red Russians advance on the French held village

Their is little the French and Senegalese can do to stop the wave of Reds

Not sure what this is, but it had a lot of firepower!
All in all a great game- thank you to Giles and the lads for a great day. 


Anonymous said...

A new minis diversion beckons maybe?

Simon Quinton said...

Nice game report it looked an awesome table!

Stuart S said...

Great looking table, gives me the urge to expand my RJW collection to the RCW.

Colin Ashton said...

Excellent stuff. I keep thinking I must dog out my old RCW armies out sometime.

Colin Ashton said...

Dig out even!

Phil said...

Nice work, love period, we've played it somtimes in our club. Your armies are just superb!!