Saturday, 11 June 2016

Frostgrave: The Titan's Skull!

No one is quite sure what the Titan Skull is- Is it really the skull of a colossal giant, or even a god, as some tales claim? Is it an artefact of great power? Or is it nothing more that a folly made by some mad wizard to impress his neighbours?...none can say, but the Titan's skull, as it has become known by the adventurers in Frostgrave, is something of a land mark in the frozen ruins- the closest thing in the ruins to a tourist attraction. 

The skull was bought in a pet shop for £4. I didn't bother to paint it as the paint job was rather good. I just added a base, the snow and the icicles. 

This next piece I found in a box of half finished scenery I made. I don't even recall making it- it looks like I made it from offcuts of blue foam. I finished it off and added snow- a nice useful ruined building- I think I might make some more as it was very easy to do. 

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Rod said...

Cool stuff. That skull will fit in nicely.