Monday 15 August 2016

Minihammer: Da Red Eye Night Goblin Mob

 Last week I went away and managed to smuggle my paints in with the luggage and completed my Night Goblin mob. This band of wicked little critters was from Ral Partha Europe. I had to add a few red caps using Green Stuff to make them look more like Night Goblins. I didn't convert them all, as it would take too long but converted just enough to make it clear they are Night Goblins. 

I also made a unit filler that can take them up from 36 (six stands) to 60 (ten stands) for bigger games. This takes to form of a humongous spider the Night Goblins have found in a deep dark cave somewhere and have herded into battle by prodding it with big spikes. The spider is a Reaper Bones giant spider. 

The front rank of the Night Goblins have nets. This strikes me as something of a must have. They chuck their nets before the first round of combat and anyone struck looses an attack. This is vital in keeping the goblins alive long enough for their weight of numbers to make a difference. 

The other thing Night Goblins have that are really something of a must have is fanatics. These whirling loons can, on a good day, reap a terrible price on the enemy. Even if they don't kill anyone they are sure to disrupt they enemies plans. Or at least give us something to laugh about. These fanatics were converted from RPE's mosquito riders, with the addition of a dressmakers pin as a ball and chain. 

 Here is the horde of Greenskins so far. I want to add a Squig Herd and a giant next. That will take me to 2000pts. I have to say that I am loving painting these figures so much that I think I might just press on and go for 3000 points before I start painting another army- either Chaos of Vampire Counts. 


Vampifan said...

Nice horde, Rob. I'm biased of course, but I have to say for your next army go for the Vampire Counts.

Simon Quinton said...

Excellent work mate love the fanatics Brilliant idea to make them like that!

pulpcitizen said...

The new additions look fantastic, and a clever solution for the Fanatics. Great stuff. :)