Friday, 3 November 2017

Scouse Cossacks for Very British Civil War

November will see me travelling to Herefordshire to participate in another 1938: A Very British Civil War (VBCW) "Big Game". I will be playing the commander of the Red forces. This game will see the return of Professor Winters (Hoping to make up for his disgraceful conduct in the Second Battle of Ledbury). 

Winters has now fallen in with the Herefordshire Communist Party, and has now ingratiated himself with the local commanders and managed to get the rank of Captain-Commissar. This game will be a little different to the usual VBCW big game as most of the players will begin the game unaligned to either the Reds or Government forces, and must be persuaded, bribed, bullied etc into joining one side or the other. this might lead to uneven battles, but will certainly be fun. 

Prof Winters, resplendent in the uniform of a CPGB Captain-Commissar (with lots of added medel bling which I doubt he really earned)

Winters and his CPGB Bodyguards

To mark the battle I have painted up a new unit for my Reds. These are from the 1st Aintree Light Horse Regiment. This is a horse-cavalry unit from the Liverpool Free State. They are primarily a light reconnaissance unit, and these tough soldiers often operate behind enemy lines for prolonged periods. They are encouraged to live off the land, which is where they eared the nick name 'Aintree Light-fingered Horsemen'. 

Aintree Light Horse mounted for a patrol

They are trained to fire from a mounted position, and in skirmished are likely to adopt this tactic, however they are not equipped or trained to fight in melee as cavalry, and in larger engagements will dismount and fight as regular infantry. Their light role means that they lack a LMG, but are equipped with hand grenades to make up for this shortcoming. 

Aintree Light Horse dismounted for serious fighting. 

The Aintree Light Horse have adopted a grey fur hat as their unofficial uniform. This has lead to their other nickname: The Scouse Cossacks. 


Michael Awdry said...

Tremendous! What a fabulous unit and best of luck in the game.

Phil Curran said...

Love the hats !!!!
Enjoy your games.

Clint said...

I love VBCW because of the diversity it allows. I had never thought of Scouse Cossacks before but now that I have I am for the idea.

Simon Quinton said...

Great looking and characterful unit. Scouse Cossacks indeed!

Mike C said...

Brilliant. I keep saying I will come to one of these big games, next year maybe.