Saturday 18 August 2018

Gaslands Barricades

 I have been making some scenery for Gaslands. Its basically 20mm scale, because that seems to work best with die-cast cars like Hot Wheels, which is the most common bases for Gaslands vehicles. 

I really like Gaslands but I don't know anyone who will play it so these concrete barricades will be sold by Hazardous Terrain. 

I hope you like them. 


Dick Garrison said...

Those are really nice, but I thought you were getting i9nto 28mm, with your last WTW vehicles posting?

Cheers Roger.

Rob Bresnen said...

I just made these to sell. Most people seem to be using Hot wheels for Gaslands so I thought I would go with the crowd and hopefully sell them on ebay.

Michal DwarfCrypt said...

Looks great!

Unknown said...