Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Hats of to the excellent KR Multicase, who make really useful carrying cases for minis, in all sorts of sizes and shapes.
I am moving house soon, and so I need to pack up my precious minis ready for the journey (about a mile down the road). I have used KR Multicase before, and been pleased with the product, and so I naturally turned to them when I need some more cases.
They have a good deal on at the moment, where bu if you buy one of their carrying cases in a nice bag, they will send you another sturdy card board one, plus foam inserts, free. I ordered a this deal on Sunday night, and was delighted when it arrived Tuesday morning- now that is service!

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Carl Brown said...

I'm thinking of taking advantage of this deal myself - I'm in real need of storage now as I'm finally working through my lead mountain but have no where to put the finished minis!