Friday, 4 September 2009

This is Lance Waverly, intrepid photo journalist, and award winning cameraman. He is just back from a term in Afghanistan, embedded with an elite special forces unit, and is ready to embark on his next dangerous assignment, embedded in a superhero team, risking everything to get up close real time footage of their battles.

This is an E4m Miniature, sculpted, I think, by the great Mark Copplestone. I am moving house, and the sight of just how many unpainted minis I have gathering dust made me want to press on and get some more finished. I decided to paint one at speed, just for fun; Lance here took me just 50 minutes, which I think is pretty good. He even has a free hand Channel One logo on his jacket!

Here is a couple of pictures providing size comparisons between E4M and Heresy and Hasslefree, as requested by Ajsalium on the Forum of doom. As you can see the scale is not bad, especially with the heresy mini Incinerator.
Lance interviews Incinerator after the 'Sunnyville Showdown' with his arch-nemesis Blizzard.
Lance tries to get footage of US Marshal Skipper in action, but she doesn't look too happy about it.

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Ajsalium said...

Nice and clean paintjob, as usual.
And thank you very much for the comparison pics; this guy seems a very good match to FoD minis :)