Tuesday, 3 November 2009

October (and most of September, for that matter) have slipped past without me posting. During that time I have not been entirely idle, as I have moved house, paint two bedrooms and assembled over 20 pieces of flat-pack Ilea furniture.

I have also finished my Diorama of Doom entry for the Forum of Doom competition. As this isn't a Super powered four-colour piece I'll just give you a quick taste of what I did. Follow the link to see more photos, as well as look at everybody else's entry- Some of them are stunning!

On a more Four-colour related topic, I have finished a murder elemental who goes by the name The Rust Claws, and another four of the serpent cultist paramilitary terrorist (two leaders and two special weapons). I've also added a few more Conanesque adventures to my cabernet. I will post picks soon.

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