Wednesday 25 November 2009

This wicked individual is Colonel Alberto Lobo, military advisor to the fascist dictator of corrupt South American banana republic Costa Brazico. He is also believed to be very influential in the Brotherhood of the Serpent, a mysterious cult/paramilitary terrorist organisation. He travels the globe widely, co-ordinating the Brotherhoods many nefarious schemes, whist relying on his diplomatic immunity to protect him from repercussions of his actions.

This mini is one of the lovely range from EM4. I bought it because I liked the sculpt (Mark Copplestone, perhaps?) but wasn't really sure what I would do with it. I toyed with the idea of making it a part of my 40K Imperial Guard army, but in the end decided it would look the part in my Supers range.

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The Dale Wardens said...

It is a great figure isn't it?! You are correct, it is Mark Copplestone, who is a favorite of mine. I picked up the pack in 1993 maybe when it was done by Grenadier Miniatures in their Future Warriors range. The other fig in the pack looked like the guy from Clockwork Orange in a bowler hat, gas mask and with an would also be a great fig for a super villain of some sort.

They are both part of the lead mountain, still as yet unpainted. Seeing your finished has actually inspired me to look for it now. :)

David S.
Minnesota, USA