Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Last month my mate Leon and I got together at his 'Evil-Genius-Underwater-Lair' to play a new (well new to us anyway) superhero skirmish game called Pulp City. Belatedly, I have decided to review the game.

I have been aware of Pulp City for some time, but mostly because of the lovely figures they produce. A quick look at their superb looking, if sometimes difficulty to navigate, website will reveal a good sized range of well sculpted 28mm. The figures are well produced and well moulded, but a bit on the expensive side if you ask me. They also have a certain house style that is not always so 'four colour'.

This was the first time we have played the game. The game is available as a PDF from the web site, and is still in a draft, play test form. It is essentially a skirmish level game, where each player controls a small team of three of or supers, battling it out in an urban environment.

Unlike it's main rival, Supersystem, which allows the players to come up with their own supers using a points based system, Pulp City figures each come with a card in their box which includes their unique rules. This helps to ensure game balance, but also restricts players to using heroes and villains form the official Pulp City canon.

The game play itself is fast and simple, even though we were not very familiar with the rules a game lasted about an hour, so we were able to fit a couple in in a day. The rules are better thought out and balanced than Supersyetem, and we both agreed that it was good fun.

Over all, I think that Pulp City is a good game. The figures are fantastic, if pricey, the production qualities are high and game play is fast an furious. I look froward to playing this game some more.

Leon has finnaly got around to photographing some of the minis he has painted. Check out this link to see some pictures of Leon's excillent Pulp City Minis.

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