Sunday, 28 March 2010

As a new outbreak of the Zombie Contagion breaks out in the center of the city, the local police are forced to call on superheros to contain the spread of the terrible disease. Experts are still speculating about the cause of the outbreak, but they have not ruled out involvement with the mysterious Doctor Otto, or perhaps a casually discarded barrel of radioactive biological waste from an experimental laboratory.
Baggy jeans and Cons trainers mark this poor soul out as a skater boy.
A Scottish football fan who fell foul of the Contagion.
An old guy in carpet slippers, carrying a severed human leg!
An old-time Rock fan. Complete with pony-tail.
This one has lost his shirt, but he has still got his best cap!
I converted these guys from Citadel (Games Workshop) zombies for the Lead Painters League. I used green stuff to sculpt on belt loops, hats, wrist watches and kilts, and then painted them in the same way Charlie and I devised for his zombies. I though they came out rather well.
I know that zombies are not, strictly speaking, four colour super villain stuff, but our current Basic Role Playing Super Hero campaign features enough zombies to make it worth while converting some. I plan to make some more,a s it was fun, and I think they look rather cool.
The flesh painting scheme was as follows; Undercoat in black, then GW Foundation paint Gretchin Green, highlighted by gradually mixing in more bleached bone into the mix, all the way up to an almost pure bleached bone.
A helpful tip when using the Foundation paints to highlight is to remember to thin the paint down well with water. The foundation paints have a lot of pigmentation in and they need to be quite thin to highlight.
Once the first highlights were finished I washed the whole mini with a couple of coats of thinned down GW Ogryn Flesh wash, and when that was dry I added more highlights using bleached bone and a little bit of GW Tallarn flash and GW Bleached bone.

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