Thursday 1 April 2010

It's the 1st of April, and today it is my birthday. Thirty seven years old! So here is just a quick blog to let you know what I'm up too, because this is my first proper day off for some time, and i an acutely aware that I haven't been able to blog for some time.

Firstly, let me say thanks to my mate Leon, who sent me a very cool moonpig card featuring a picture of Hellsmith, from Pulp City, that he painted himself- and the Kick-Ass graphic novel. I have read a few pages of the novel already, and I am very impressed- very funny. We're all off to see the movie next Thursday, instead of our usual fix of Conan RPG (can't go out tonight- I'm off to the theatre with my wife to see the Hobbit- a birthday treat).

Leon and I got together last week for a couple of games of the excellent Pulp City, and this time I remembered to take my camera to record the event for my Blog. I am supposed to be posting them on Lead Adventure Forum, but I have been having problems with Photobucket's Bulk Uploader, which means I have to upload each image one at a time, which takes ages, but he's a few pics to wet your appetite.

The Bad Guys -Sister Bedlam and a couple of sentry 'bots, Mourn, Hellsmith and Nuke.

The Good Guys, Howler, Nuclear Jones, Six Feet Under and Harrier.
All the figures and scenery are Leon's (check out his Pulp Citizen Blog)
I was going to write a battle report for one of the games, but sadly I have lost the scrap of paper I wrote it on, so I will have to just write a summary from memory- I will post it in a few days (hopefully).
I also what to add a big Hi to James, who is my new follower- hope you like what you see here, and please feel free to comment etc- this makes me feel that there is more than just me and Leon reading the Blog.

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pulpcitizen said...

Happy Birthday once again, mate!

The Pulp City pictures came out very well I reckon.