Friday, 23 April 2010

Monarch is the leader of Team Metro, London's premier Super Team. Super strong, bullet proof and able to fly, he is the archetypal superhero. He is also an insufferable chauvinistic bore, and a glory-mad media-hound, addicted to the celebrity lifestyle his hero status brings with it. While the liberal classes might despair of his coarse behaviour, the tabloid media, and the vast majority of the everyday folks in the streets of London can't get enough of him. Pictures of Monarch beating up a villain, meeting the Queen, or coming out of a night club with a brace of glamour models on his arms are guaranteed to sell more papers.

This figure is a bit unusual, because it came from a blister pack of Judge Dread figures. It's slightly over scaled for the figures I normally use, but I think that adds to his heroic stature. I also positioned him on the curb to accentuate the height difference.

The red and blue colour scheme is a motif for Team Metro. More pictures of the other four team members will follow shortly, so keep checking.

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