Sunday 6 February 2011

Very British Scenery (WIP)

I have been jolly busy of late, building some scenery for my 1938: A very British Civil Car (VBCW) campaign. Some of these are home made, while others are bought.

This one was a model I got of Leon (I forget the manufacturer). Leon kindly gave it to me after he upgraded to a bigger, and more importantly pre-painted factory. I like this model, because it had a nice inter-war look to it. It measures about 6 inches by 1o inches, so it is quite small, but it has a detachable roof. I added a mezzanine floor to give it some more interest for gaming. I am going to make a few more simple modifications before spraying and painting it.

All my own work- this is a ware house to go with the factory building. Its made form foam-card, card and balsa wood.

The roof comes off too, making it a really useful gaming piece.

This pub model is by, and is specifically made for the VBCW setting. I had to add the tiles to the roof. I used card, but it took hours to cut the tiles out. Next time I will buy some embossed plasti-card with the design already printed on it. A lot less bother this way.

A bunker, made by me. Its made from foam card, and covered with plaster filler. It looks a bit big, because I wanted it to be able to house a squad of 12 model, on 30 mm bases. The roof comes off (obviously, or I wouldn't be able to get my models in it)

All I have got to do is paint them now (That's the bit I like least). My plan is to get at least a couple of them finished before my nest VBCW game.

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DLI said...

Splendid stuff there Sir