Monday 21 February 2011

Hired Gun

There is always going to be thugs and bandits who will sell their services to the highest bidder. That is a fact of life; from the earliest days of humanity there have been sell-swords, mercenaries, free companies and, more recently, hired guns. This individual, the self-styled 'Urban Cowboy' is no different. He would shoot his own grandmother in the head for a quick buck.

I painted this as a bit of a warm up for the upcoming Lead Painters League. I bought this miniature ages ago to be my Scum character in a Dark Heresy campaign. Unfortunately I ended up running said campaign instead of playing in it, and so I never got to use him, so I thought I would paint him up for Pulp City. In Pulp City you can have henchmen called hired guns, and in the first edition of the rules there are four in a team, as opposed to the three per team in the PDF play test rules we used to use. Being a man down, I thought this guy would make a suitable addition to my gang.

The miniature is by Black Scorpion. It's a nice enough sculpt, but the shotgun is a bit 'fantasy scifi' in a Games Workshop style. Having been painting a lot of ww2 and interwar models of late, I find the whole GW clunky/chunky aesthetic to be a bit silly. On the plus side, it is so generic will be useful for Dark Heresy, or perhaps as a zombie survivor, or even as one of the teaming masses of scum and villainy set to occupy my forthcoming SciFi campaign.

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