Thursday 3 March 2011

VCW Red Lion Pub

I have just finished another building for my Very British Civil War board, in this case, as Red Lion Pub. To any readers not from the UK I should point out that 'The Red Lion' is the most popular pub name in England, which makes this a rather useful piece of scenery.

I am delighted with the way it came out. The bricks look better than I thought they would and I am delighted with the windows. I thought afterwards that perhaps I should have painted cross tape on the windows, like they had in WW2 during the Blitz, but I didn't bother because I likes them so much, and I didn't want to mess it up.

This model is made by War Bases, and is cut from MDF using lasers (very James Bond). It's a beautiful model, and a delight to assemble. It's like one of those 3D jigsaws, but for people with no skills. The only bit I had to model, was the roof, which was a bit time consuming. When I get more Was base stuff, I think I will get some pre-textured plasticard roof tiles to save myself a job. That said, I am cuffed with the way it came out.

This piece also came with a back yard, which I forgot to paint (Douh!). That will have to go on the 'to-do' pile until needed. This pub will feature quite strongly in my next VBCW scenario.


Paul´s Bods said...

Really nice looking building. Do they serve Guiness? :-D

DLI said...

Very nice paint job.The roof is the bit which held me up on the terrace house range they carry but you've done a good job with it.