Saturday, 17 September 2011

Dockyard Showdown

Last week my old mate Leon and I fought a brutal battle in the dock yards of Pulp City. Leon has made an amazing battle report, in the form of a comic strip- you can see it on his blog 'Pulp Citizen'. It has to be seen to be believed.
Rather than trawl over old ground and report the same battle as Leon here is a couple of pictures of the two teams involved in the battle. All the figures and scenery are Leon's, so I can't take any credit.
I did take the pictures though.

Leon used a hero team, Blood Watch: Sergeant Bale, Red Riding Hoodo, Six Feet Under, Blood Rose, Loup Garou and Moon Child/Moon Coyote; With Jane Summers and some Vigailntes in the back ground.

My team, A.R.C the mutant primate supervillains consisted of Howler, Le Murtiple, Silver Ager, Doctor Red, Chimp Chi and Guerrilla. And a couple of stolen sentry bots programed and bobby trapped by Doctor Red.

Pop over to Leon's site for his fantastic battle report- not to be missed.

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pulpcitizen said...

Cheers for the kind words mate - great pics from you of course! :)