Wednesday 29 February 2012

The Soul Patrol: Hammer

John Hammer is a freelance spy from Harlem, New York, and head of the infamous 'Soul Patrol'. Brought up on the tough city streets, he is known as the sort of man who would risk his neck for another man.
Damn right!

Hammer is a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang figure made by Copplestone Castings.
Clearly influenced by Shaft, it has a decidedly 1970's feel to it, in contrast rest of the KKBB range, which has a more 1960's style. That said, he is clearly a bad mother (Shut your mouth!) who just had to be painted. I was going to paint his up for the Lead Painters League, but decided against it, so here he is. You can expect more members of The Soul Patrol to pop up here form time to time.

On the subject of Lead Painters League, I have managed to qualify for the competition. I have my first four weeks entries in the can, and so I can relax a little bit and paint some more stuff just for the blog. I am rather pleased with the standards of my painting for this years competition. The level is always high, and I think that the competitive element helps me improve my painting skills.


Jay said...

Nice job, Sir. Looks to me like he is sporting a "Zoot-suit" without the shoulder pads. He is definitely one bad...!

Simon Quinton said...

Very nice love the colours you chosen

Rob Bresnen said...

Thanks guys. I have opted for bright colours as I am a bit fed up with painting dull coloured 1930's stuff for VBCW and equally dull zombies. Bold and contrasting colours just feels right for the period- like the Austin Powers movies.

Michael Awdry said...

Super cool!

pulpcitizen said...

I loved the three 'Hammer' movies; Hammer; Hammer's Big Score and the less good 'Hammer in Afica'. :)