Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Test Model for my African Militia

This is my test model for my African militia. I have painted Africans before, way back in my colonial days, and I am relatively happy with the skin tones (basically GW Scorched Brown, followed by a good wash of Devlin Mud, then highlights with Scorched Brown again- simple, quick and effective). The 'uniform' will be fairly a fairly none standard mix of greens and cammo, together with brightly coloured tee-shirts and tatty trainers or army boots. That seems to be the done thing in African militias, judging by a quick search in Google images (Ah, Google images, taking all the stress and fun out of wargaming research.)

This figure is intended to be a slightly more 'elite' militiaman, part of my general's bodyguard. You can expect more irregular looking troops in the lower ranks.

This miniature is by The Assault Group, and is 28mm scale.

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