Friday, 6 April 2012

Selling a Kroot Army

I don't normally bother reporting what I have to sell on eBay on my blog, but then again I don't normally sell an entire army. In order to raise funds for Salute 2012, I have decided to sell off one of my 40K armies, army a Kroot Mercenaries army I painted for the Grand Tournament. I am very proud of this army, as many of the figures have been converted into the unique troop types found in the Kroot list. All in all, it is 104 figures, of which no less than 32 have had at least some minor conversion or sculpting.

Here's a few pictures to show case them, and to give me something to remember them by.

My success at the Grand Tournament has never been that impressive, and I never qualified, but that despite that I have always had a soft spot for these hungry blue carnivores. It is with reluctance that I have decided to sell them, but I haven't played 40K for years, so perhaps it is time they went to someone who might get more out of them than I ever did.

Here's a link the the eBay sale, if you are interested. Kroot on eBay!

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