Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ape Ambush! Pulp City Battle Report

This week I managed to get to my mate Leon’s (A.K.A PulpCitizen) to play a game of Pulp City, the Superhero Skirmish game. We climbed up into his newly fitted games room in his loft and had a cracking game.
  We were play-testing some proposed new rules for the game, and I have to say they made the game even more dynamic and fast paced, while freeing up the possible actions the Supremes could perform, so that the game play had a distinct four-colour-comic-book feel. Obviously I can’t go into the rules, as it’s all tiptop secret at this stage, but I love the direction this game is going in.
  I played ARC, a bunch of super intelligent mutant primates, while Leon played a fairly random bunch of Superheroes. I had a cunning plan to lure Leon’s heroes into an ambush is a predetermined killing zone. The plan basically worked, but some poor judgment and even poorer dice rolling cost me the game. Given the low ceilings in the Pulp Citizen Man-Cave, and the fact that Leon is almost a foot shorter than me, I also think that the gaming environment was carefully engineered to give him a home-ground advantage.
  Or at least that is my excuse.

  All these figures are made for the Pulp City game, and all figures and scenery belong to Leon- so I can't claim any credit. 

 Iron Train and some vigilantes prepare for battle

Skyline and Androida lurk in an alleyway- all part of the 
heroes 'cunning plan'

Guerilla acts as bait for the ambush- shooting, then falling back while the heroes advance

Apebot waiting patiently to ambush any heroes foolish enough to enter the ARC kill-zone

Too late for Iron Train! 
The hero realises that the cunning and sneaky elements of ARC have out flanked him- the metal-clad Supreme prepares to go down fighting!


styx said...

good stuff, I may have to invest in this at some point...I keep hearing rumor of an open point system to build your own heroes...that would win me over then....

I keep hoping to win a contest one of the prizes is a nice set of Pulp Figures, that would encourage me to buy the book then...

Simon Quinton said...

Nice looking mini's and table.

Michael Awdry said...

Great looking game and I just love those minis! The cigar smoking Gorilla with the chain gun is brilliant!

pulpcitizen said...
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pulpcitizen said...

Thanks for posting mate! :)

I like to think the Upper Pulp Citizen Cave (as opposed the Lower Pulp Citizen Cave used for painting) is ergonomically designed to my needs!

To Styx: The approach we are looking at is a menu-build around themes of powers/Actions etc. But that will be a while off, however the new edition is the first stepping-stone towards that. :)