Saturday 15 September 2012

A look in the Zombicide box.

  As promised, a quick review of the new game Zombicide. My gaming buddies and I cracked open the game to get a look at the icky goodies inside. My first impressions- what have they put in this box- bricks? This is one heavy box, crammed with bits and bobs. There are loads of plastic zombies, and a much smaller number of survivors. The board is built of a heavy card and is lavishly (and gorily) illustrated. It consists of double-sided tiles that can be arranged in various ways for the different missions.
  The sculpting of the figures is very good, although they are not 28mm scale- closer to 30-32 I would say. That doesn’t bother me, but I think some people were hoping they could use the zombies in their wargames.
  The production quality is fantastic- the best I have ever seen in a board game. The rulebook is in full colour and beautifully illustrated throughout. The figures are great: The board is great.
  Based on what I have seen, without playing the game, I would say it looks great, and I would certainly recommend it to any fans of Zed based games.

The Rules- Very pretty!

 The Survivors- Very Colourful!

Glow in the dark dice- Mad but cool. Useful for when play a board game in the dark.

This is Doug's character sheet. There are also blank character sheets so presumable you can create your own.

A sample of the board tiles. Lovely. Check out the trails of blood!

A sample of the many zombies in the box.

This bad guy is an Abomination!

I can't wait to get a few games in.


Graham C said...

Brilliant game played two 5 player games , got totally kicked in first and completed second. Great fun especially when someone breaks away and increases the threat level. Does need a lot of co-operation but a great night had by all

Michael Awdry said...

I've got to say that looks absolutely superb, particularly those board tiles - wow!

Simon Quinton said...

Fantastic looking game, wished i'd had the cash to splurge on this set.

oniakki said...
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oniakki said...

Another fun thing for glow in the dark dice, is combining them with a UV lamp someplace as then they'll glow well in normal gaming light then. (sorry for the double post)