Monday, 17 September 2012

Two More VBCW Characters

And now two more figures for my VBCW camping. In truth these are old figures rebased to match the rest of my VBCW figures.

The first is Professor Neville Barnes-Wall, an engineer recruited by the British (fascist) government to head up the Unconventional Weaponry and Tactics Division – Generally known as U-WAT. Mr Oswald Moesley, the Prime Minister, has personally authorised U-WAT to develop solutions that might bring about a swift conclusion of the British Civil War. Professor Barnes-Wall has recently been sighted in Somerset in the company of Lord Winterfield. Quite what the eccentric inventor is working currently on remains a closely guarded secret.

The second figure, slightly less dramatically, is a Victorian sailor I have rebased to be an office in my crew of merchant marines. Originally painted as part of a crew of a steam ship plying the River Congo, he is now more at home on the River Mersey.

 Professor Neville Barnes-Wall

A Merchant-Marine

As far as I recall the Professor is made by Pulp Figures and the Victorian sailor is by Wargames Foundry.

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Simon Quinton said...

Some great characters all sorts of uses