Friday, 9 November 2012

Viking War-band

Following my trip to the Beast Towers (Gripping Beasts HQ in Evesham) for the VBCW Big Game 5, I felt very inspired to paint my SAGA Viking war band. Gripping Beast produce a wonderful range of Viking Age miniatures, and they had display cabinets stuffed with countless beautifully painted (and slightly dusty) Vikings, Saxons, Normans and Crusaders. 

 I bought the plastics for this last year when I went to BG4, but apart from putting them together I havn't made much progress since. Determined to get a four point war-band together to face my Angle-Danish Warband, I finally made some progress. I have a few Work-In-Progress too, so I should finish my war-band by the end of the week, and be able to schedule in a game or two soon. 

Viking Warlord Ragnar the Fell-Handed

Ragnar's trusted battle-brothers (and his wolf-hound Fenris)

Wild-eyed Berserkers

Ragnar is a West Wind model with a head-swap for a plastic Viking head by Gripping Beasts. The Battle-Brothers are (left to right) Wargames Foundry, Gripping Beast, Crusader and perhaps Crusader. The Berserkers are Black Tree Designs. 


Michael Awdry said...

These look absolutely tremendous, great work Sir.

Simon Quinton said...

Very nice sir. Only a few miles from me then!