Wednesday 13 February 2013

Lord of the Rings: Bree Folk and Shire Folk

My Eriador based Lord of the Rings army is at a very early stage as yet, but I have begun by painting some models I have had hanging around for ages while I wait for the new ones I have order to arrive. 

Basically, I am basing my army on the common middle-men dwelling in and around the village of Bree, in Eriador. The folk of Bree lack the noble linage and ancient blood of the men of Gondor. They can be brave, ignorant, or even foolish. They are, in short, just men: and yet their village has endured for centuries, even when their noble rulers in Arnor fell before the force of Angmar.  

Basing my army on the imagery of Bree from the Peter Jackson films, I have been souring the net for likely looking miniatures that will scale well with existing Games Workshop Lord of the Rings range. 

This is the first of my Bree-folk, a villager. The model is by Perry Miniatures  in their crusades range, and as Michael and Allen Perry sculpted a lot of the GW Lord of the Rings figures (well the better ones anyway) it is little surprise to find out she scales really well. 

 There are a few hobbit dwelling in Bree, but most of their folk live in the Shire, just to the west of Bree. Trade between the two is common, and so the inclusion of a handful of 'halflings' in the Bree army is not unreasonable. These ones are borderers, the closest thing the shire has to a standing force. 

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Adam said...

Really good looking hobbits, but the perry miniature is best of all I think.