Monday, 11 February 2013

Ruins of Arnor

Following the success of the crashed black hawk I have felt inspired to finally finish some scenery pieces I have had kicking around for ages. I don’t know what it is about painting scenery, but I always seem to shy away from it, even when it is in an advanced stage of completeness. However, when I actually start paining it, I always find it a welcome change of pace, and am generally satisfied by the results.

  This lot of scenery are from Games Worksop, for their Lord of the Rings game, and are called the Ruins of Osgilioth. Inspired in part by the Hobbit film, and because my son Charlie got a lot of Hobbit figures for Christmas- but also by Doom Hippy’s campaign (chronicled on the Lead Adventure Forum, click here for a link)- I am right back in a Lord of the Rings mood.  As I already have a Shire army (army- not sure that is the right word- disgruntled mob might be closer to the mark) I thought I would expand on this idea and make my own army up that covers the Shire and Bree-land. Mostly middle-men and hobbits, with a few Dunadain rangers to add a bit of back bone.

With that plan in mind have painted my ruins as the ruins of a villa in the wilderness of Eriador. No doubt it was once the home of a Dunadain lord, sacked by the unspeakable hordes of Angmar in centuries past. Hewn from the same grey granite as the Watchtower of Amon Sul, known the Men of Bree as Weathertop, these ruins must have been majestic and imposing once upon a time. Now they are desolate and foreboding, the haunt of who-knows-what.

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