Monday, 25 November 2013

Burma: Chindit Force Ready For Action

I began work on my 'Burma Campaign' at the beginning of the year- intending to build an a Chindit army and a Japanese army to play Bolt Action. I though it would only take a few months but then I got distracted by zombies and what have you- and so it has taken a bit longer than planned, but now I can finally say that the Chindist are finished( for now) and that the IJA will be finished before Christmas. Here they are...

 This is a 1000 PV force for Bolt Action. It is based on a Chindit force from 1943-44. There is s a mix of Stens and Thopmson SMG's, and the Boys ATR has been replaced with the PIAT. 

Here is my Platoon CO. He is wearing a cap instead of the more usual bush hat.

 Medical Officer. Not this one has taken to wearing a side arm- not really in keeping with the spirit of the Geneva Convention- but in Burma things got a bit nasty. 

A Chindit MMG crew

The Chindit Figures are from various sources- Warlord Games, Wargames Foundry and The Assault Group.
 I think the Officers might be Black Tree Designs, but I am not sure. 

I also painted some scenery- bunkers and rocks- I am not sure who made the bunkers- I bought/swapped them on Lead Adventure Forum.  I don't even know if they are made by the same manufacturer.  The rocks are by Total System Scenics and will be generic enough to work in the middle of a Burmese jungle, or Middlesex or even Middle Earth. I love generic terrain. 


Dan Vincent said...

great looking detail on these guys. good stuff

tim said...

Generic terrain is my favourite too!

That's a great looking force! Can't wait to see the Japanese!

pulpcitizen said...

They look great Rob, as does the terrain.

The first of your WW2K (I think that almost works...) armies finished. Kudos. What happened to never painting big armies again (I am sure that has been said in the last couple of years)?

Michael Awdry said...

Really great work Rob.

John Lambshead said...

I like your Chindit models. V well painted. I have just finished a Ghurka platoon. Fancy a go at Burma campaign as well.

Simon Quinton said...

The whole forces look excellent. I love the basing and buildings.

The rocks fit in nicely and as you say will work well in any setting.

The various different manufacturers all go really well together. I can't tell which is which if I'm honest.

Looking forward to seeing the Japanese make an appearance and especially any battle reports that you do!

Rob Bresnen said...

Thanks for the comments guys. I am glad you like them.

And It's not that big an army Pulp Citizen!