Thursday, 21 November 2013

VBCW: Black and White Timbered Building

The relentless scenery painting surge continues unabated- this week you can see that I have painted a black and white timbered building- this is one of the laser cut ones. I am not sure who made this one, but I bought and assembled it about a year ago, but haven't got round to painting it. Until now.
Nowadays you can buy preprinted buildings- like the F+IW ones I finished last week, which might have saved a bit of bother, but I am happy with the way it tuned out. 
Now historical purists might pint out that these Tudor period timbered buildings were not actually black and white, as they tended to be left the natural colours- and in parts of England were even pink as the daub was stained with ox blood (you learn many things on this blog): But to those people I say 'Bhar! You know nothing!'. This building has been painted up for my own Very British Civil War campaign, which is set in 1938 in the environs of Chester- where in the 1920-30s local history enthusiast thought black and white was the appropriate colour for old Tudor buildings and went around nagging people to repaint their buildings in the 'authentic' colours. 

This building will also be useful for WW2, and even pirates, so it should see some use. 


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Very nice!

pulpcitizen said...

Nicely done; radio silence (also known as blogging silence!) is truly broken!

Michael Awdry said...

Now that is pretty smart!