Monday, 27 January 2014

French Indian Wars: French Settlers

Here is my French force for Tomahawks and Muskets. This is just over 200pts in the game, which is a reasonable size force for a small game. They are themed around some settlers, who have encroached onto disputed territory that the English King claims as his own. They are irregular forces, and are more likely to do well in a guerilla type operation that a stand up fight with the British army. They know the terrain well, and are fast and agile. Some of their numbers are the willy Couriers de Bois, the dangerous outdoors-men who trade with the local indigenous tribes. These men are extremely adapt at moving through woodlands and using the terrain to their advantage.
They are lead by Captain Jean Berger, an officer from the Compagnies Franches de la Marines who has been attached to the militia to help organise them against the British. He is an experienced officer who has been in Canada for some time and has able to get the best out of his irregulars. 

Captain Jean Berger

Some of the Canadian Militia

Huron Allies loyal to the French

The Couriers de Bois

The whole army- so far

The figures are from Redoubt. A couple of the Couriers de Bois are converted from Canadian Militia (with the addition of fur hats made from green stuff- can you tell which?)


Simon Quinton said...

Thats a great looking force. I love the look of the militia.

pulpcitizen said...

They all look great. Excellent work mate. :)

Jay said...

Beautifully painted!