Thursday, 30 January 2014

Pulp City Second Edition on Kick Starter

A very exciting day for my good pal Pulp Citizen, as the Kick Starter for the Second Edition of the Super Hero game Pulp City has just gone live and the success has been phenomenal- Its just a few hours in and they are already well past their first target! 
In case you don't know, Pulp Citizen, my regular gaming buddy and writer of the fan-blog which bears the same name, is co-writing the second edition rules. I had the good fortune to play-test some of the rules while they were under development, an I can assure you that they are great. They keep the spirit of the game, but are much slicker and fast pace, creating combats that are dynamic and exiting to play. 
This is going to be one of those Kick Starters you need to be involved it, as it is going to run and run, with loads of freebies and stretch goals. I have already pledged to be in, to get a copy of the rules and the starter kits (which are lovely). If you have got a spare $800 you can even get your own figure designed and added into the game! Mental!
Anyway- stop reading this and check out this Kick Starter! You will not regret it one bit!

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