Sunday, 2 March 2014

American War of Independence Game

As promised here or a few photos of the AWI game they played at Earlswood Wargamers last week. I didn't participate in this game, as I was busy playing Dead Man's Hand on another table, but it looked to good not to snap some shots to share with you guys. 

They were using a ACW rules called Brother against Brother, which, with a few minor changes is ideal for AWI and FIW. In the game a French/American column has been ambushed by the British and their Native American (can we call them Indians?) allies. The French are attempting to cross a narrow bridge to force their way through the ambush. 

British Light Infantry and Jaegers outflank the French and cut off their retreat- they only way out is forward, onto they British guns!

American Irregulars move up the flank of their French allies to engage with the British skirmishers at the river

The fight doesn't go well for the British as they Americans cross the river

The view from the top of the British hill looking down on the French/American positions

Native American troops engage the French Skirmishers at the bridge

As you can see, a great looking game. It did not go well for the French/Americans- the Native Americans took the fight to the French Skirmishers at the bridge, wiping them out, and proceeded to maul the French column too. The Americans who fought so hard to get across the river were cut down by the disciplined fire of the British troops on the hill while the Jaegers harassed the French rear- all in all not a good day for the rebellion, but a great game to watch!

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That is a great looking table very impressive.