Friday, 28 February 2014

Across the Dead Earth Kick-Starter Live

I am guessing many of my readers will already know about the Kick Starter 'Across the Dead Earth', especially if you read Brummies Blog, as he has been banging on about it for ages. We- in case you missed out it is basically a small skirmish games using 28mm figures- about 5-6 a side I think, and the setting is a post apocalyptic Britain, three generations after a nuclear and biological world war. - Think Mad Max- only with more trees. 

The art work really sold it to me, especially this picture with the ruins of a Tescos. It's very evocative and imaginative. It reminds me of the ruins of the town by Chernobyl- I have always been fascinated by the way nature reclaims the land once we leave it alone. 

I have backed the KS for the £30 level- that is a great deal as you get a soft cover copy of the rules and all 12 minis- good value if you ask me. I am looking forward to making some nice post-apoc England scenery- should be cool!

Here are some of the minis- with the concept art

The Kick Starter can be found here...KS LINK

and the Dead Earth website is here...DEAD EARTH

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Simon Quinton said...

Well being a Brummie I'd be mad not to :) Its really got my hobby juices going as I was in a bit of a slump.

I went in for Loyalist on an earlybird as I'm hoping they'll make it up to the £8000 mark and get the State gang designed and made as the concept art just looks the mutts nuts!