Friday, 7 February 2014

Subterranean Worm Monster Attacks New York!

"I don't know what happened! The ground started rumbling, and I though it was an earth quake, but then it got louder, like a subway train. I just looked at my buddy Max, and I was about to sey 'Hey, what the hell was that?' when the ground burst open and that giant purple maggot just out and swallowed Max whole! It's just a good job those superheroes turned up when they did or I would be worm food by now!"

An eye witness to the Worm attack in Central Park, NYC.

 Another Reaper Bones here- this one being the Purple Worm- I love this figure- its just fantastic. I intend to use it in my Four Colour Superhero campaign as some sort of subterranean burrowing icky monster, (perhaps enslaved by the Mole-men)but its also good in any sci-fi, post apoc or fantasy setting too- I could just as easily see it making it into a Lord of the Rings game, for example. I love versatile models

It's a big model- as you can see in the bottom picture- that  is with a 28mm Hasslefree figure! 


Jay said...

That is awesome!

Simon Quinton said...

That is an ace monster to have and useful for all sorts really as a bit of a random surprise lol

pulpcitizen said...

Looks ace mate. :)