Friday, 9 May 2014

Home Front 1941: Oh Matron...More Home Guard!

Just a few more of my Home Guard, along with a QAIMNS(R) nursing officer. In the game she will act as a medic. I already have Godfery, so I don't really need another medic, but she is such a lovely mini I couldn't resist. I picked her up on ebay (I think it was a freebie mini at a gaming show)- I beleive it is menat to be HRH Princess Elizabeth in her ATS uniform, but the QAIMNS (Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service) used the same uniform as the ATS. 

Captain Beth Windsor, QAIMNS(R)

Private Frank Pike 

Private Charles Godfrey


Bob Kinnear said...

Lovely work dude.

Simon Quinton said...

Great additions Rob! Hows that ATDE terrain coming along?

Phil said...

Beautiful work, love the faces especially, awesome!

Jay said...

Lots of character in the faces of these figures. Your painting skill has made them "happen."